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The Difference Between Jelly Rhinestones & Transparent Rhinestones

How do you know if jelly rhinestones or transparent rhinestones will work best for your upcoming project? Shopping online for rhinestones can be a tricky task so we're here to help make the decision making process as easy as possible.

Jelly rhinestones are an affordable alternative to glass rhinestones and provide a beautiful shine. Here at The Crafting Coder, we offer two types of jelly rhinestones, the standard jelly and the newly released transparent jelly.

While not all, most of our stones are AB stones, or "Aurora Borealis" stones. AB stones are named for their ability to not only reflect light, but also color shift thanks to their unique iridescent surface. 

Our standard jelly collection has an opaque solid color backing while our transparent jelly stones have a transparent color backing. The stone backing color is the color of the stone itself and holds up well with most rhinestone glues. 

It's important to note that while our transparent rhinestones do have the iridescent surface, the transparent backing does allow for slight color from the object's surface to show through the stone. These stones give off a breathtaking effect. Photos really do not do these stones justice.

If you are leaning towards the transparent rhinestones, but concerned about distorting the stones appearance, you can always apply a layer of vinyl in the color of the stone before application to reinforce the color. This step is completely optional.

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